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See what Shroud can bring to your game

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Performance, Flexibility, and Ease of Use

Shroud's highly optimized, real-time cloth solver and multi-threaded design allows it to get the most out of your target platforms. Our performance tests show up to a 10x improvement compared to traditional cloth solutions for games. That's fast enough to make complex, dynamic, interactive cloth practical across the widest possible range of hardware.

Shroud is built on a modular, extensible architecture that allows for flexibility without compromising performance. The simulation is made up of self-contained 'controls', and by mixing and matching these different controls through a friendly UI you can achieve just about any look you want. Capes, shirts, dresses, grass, hair, and vines are all possible just by adding and removing controls.

Every license of Shroud includes Shroud Studio, a powerful application designed from the ground up to make the creation of complex physics rigs easier than ever. Create your cloth rig, adjust its properties, attach it to your characters, and preview the results with your animations all in one place. The short iteration loops let you achieve high quality in as little time as possible.